Sunday, September 11, 2011

Mom Bike

Finally got around to building Mom Bike. Mom Bike is a bike for mom. I wish I owned a Mom Bike:

This bike was suppose to be 3 things: step through, up-right, affordable. Success!

This saddle is the dopest ever. Early 70's Brooks sprung little shit.

Tire didn't fit at first, now it does... barely.

For some reason, the frame came with this filled-in horizontal drops on the drive side. I had to file it back a bit to get the wheel farther back in there. Doing so made the tire clear the brake bridge.

It's kind of disgusting how closely the color matches my bike.

If you look at the top photo, you'll notice the seat tube angle is hella steep. I keep running into this on smaller step-thru frames... Maybe because it has too big 27"/700c wheels. 650b 26" need to be used more often in frame design. I also made the cables hella long because I though we'd have to mess around with bar height/reach, but the first set up was the best it turned out.

Bike Nerd Spec!:

Wheels: CR 18's laced to Tiagra hubs with Wheelsmith swaged spokes. 36h 3 cross drive, 2 cross non-drive rear, 32 3-cross front. I still have trouble wrapping my head around 2 cross, 3 cross lacing patterns. I think I just need to figure out how to start correctly, then I'll get it. Sorry Ross, the spokes are the same gauge on both sides. 35mm Pasela Tourguard tires. I know tourguard no good, but she doesn't exactly like patching flats so...

Brooks B-72 Saddle
Wald steel north road bars
PDW bamboo grips
Tektro whatever brake levers
Shimano EM whatever thumbies
STX comp rear derailer
Sante front derailer
SRAM 11 to 32 8 speed cassette
Sugino 110 bcd cranks with 38, 46t combination.
MKS Slip King pedals
Kool Stop MTB brake pads
Headset, brake calipers, bottom bracket, seatpost are all stock and not so hot. 

If only I could get paid to do this kind of stuff all the time.

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