Saturday, December 10, 2011

Housemate Bike

Here is a post about the bike I towed from the last post. This was a gift bike from other housemates to singular housemate. Their original bike was too small, had a broken rear axle, and in general was reaking havoc on their commute.

Mid-eighties Team Fuji! 58cm square, seems to be a good fit.
Chrooome. Pain in the butt to fender.
Stuff lying around.

Nerd out!:
105 Rear Derailer
105 175mm Cranks, Chainrings came from old bike.
Campy something or other front derailer
Shitty Shimano Freewheel
Suntour asymmetric shifters
Suntour Sprint Rear hub! Was pretty trashed when I found it in the shop laced to some Araya rim.
Thomson Elite Seatpost
Titanium railed racey saddle
Cinelli stem with crap drop bars
105 Dual pivot rear brake
Suntour Superbe Pro front brake
Suntour Superbe pedals

Don't really care about the rest...

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