Friday, March 14, 2014

Lotus Classique Update

Haven't had much going on in my bike life besides a few rides here and there, mostly solo, some with friends. So I forget that the Lotus exist and is still pretty cool despite all the awful things I've done to it.

This is more or less the final fate of this bike. I've had some stupid ideas that I have subjugated this bike to throughout the years and still it really isn't where I want it to be... But it functions well none the less.

I really need to reposition the front light... The fender isn't long enough to keep all the run-off water from hitting the back side of the light--right where all the wiring is. Some day I'll get off my ass and deal with it. Also metal fenders wound be nice.

The rear light wiring goes from rack > downtube > non-drive chainstay > lower fender stay > light. All held together with electrical tape. Keep in mind I never wanted this bike to be pretty as it gets locked up in some pretty shitty places. I'm trying to keep the attitude that people with a lot of tattoos from their youth have, where "each tattoo is a reminder of who you were at different times in your life" or something like that. In reality, I look at those canti post and shutter in my own little pool of shame. Not that cantis aren't cool, I just did such a bad [rushed] job on them. Oh yeah and when I got merged into by a car, one of the post snapped off.

Anyway, I like this bike despite my shit talking. Can't wait to get new tires...

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