Friday, June 3, 2011

Drivetrain* and Riding Prep

In the ultimate act of nerdom, I've prepped myself up for the completion of this frame by assembly a large chunk of the components I'll need to get it rollin'.

batta bing batta boom.

Unfortunately, the frame has been delayed because of shipping problems with Henry James... I guess the tubing is too long? Who knows. I'm half tempted to put all this stuff on the Lotus [pink bike from past post] and have a decent longer distance bike. It currently is equipped with a 1O spd 11-25 shimano/SRAM drive terrain, complete with Ultegra brifters and a skinner chain than should ever be allowed. I don't know why I went this route at all, I guess just  for the experience. I can't say that all those extra gear combination's really put me at advantage, and although I like riding fast, 11 x 52 just doesn't get used enough to be justified. I'll be going to Vashon/Seattle tomorrow, so we'll see how much I like 1O spd after that escapade. The cables coming from the side of the brifters are annoying as crap for a handlebar bag:

Cluster fuck struggle to get my camera out of the side bag...

Should have read the Bicycle Quarterly article sooner; like a year ago. Plus with the bag that high, the front end stability is crap on this fork with too high of trail for my retrogrouchy needs. You can't be picky though being 6'5" with a frame size of 66-68. The weather will be beautiful tomorrow, so hopefully that will overshadow the bike situation a bit. More photos forthcoming...

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