Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Things To Look Forward To

I have a bunch of different exciting ride ideas and projects brewing here and there. I might have to pick and choose since money is tight, but it's at least worth a post.

1. 'Rough-stuff' ride out at Gifford Pinchot. Alex Wetmore uses this terminology to refer to rides that are not quite tours and not quite mountain biking... I have this old Schwinn MTB frame with 2.5" slicks on that I plan on using. I would take it out to Capitol Forest on the occasional ride a few months ago, figure it's time to dust it off again.

It's an interesting bike, to say the least. Undersized and funky as shit, it rides like a dream. More on this monster later.

I'll be tackling the forest with a friend who lives in Vancouver now and maybe more? Dirt roads always are exciting, and I think my love for cyclocross should translate well for this type of riding. This is probably the most up coming thing happening, so I'll have more info on specifics later.

2. Frame building possibilities. This one I'm keeping a little secret, but there are definitely some possibilities despite being very broke. I will say that I've been planning on a new fork for the Lotus for a more appropriate rando machine, and maybe doing some basic frame detailing for brakes. Maybe new paint?

3.Cyclcross season!!!
 This is some crap hybrid frame that someone donate to TEBS. It just so happened to fit one of my riding friends, so I convinced him to build it up as a SS cyclcross bike for cheap. I think I tend to do this too often... It's got a weird Halloweenish vibe to it. I'm giving up my cheapo tires to this one and getting some 34mm Hutchinson's for my own ride [title photo.]

4. Cyclos Montagnards have been on my mind. I mentioned it in an earlier post, and there are some routes that are pretty close to Olympia that are totally do-able. I probably won't clock in at the right time for a while, but it sounds fun in that kill-urself kind of way. I think doing interval training with friends would be a good idea. This will help me get over not being at the PBP when it happens later this summer.

5. Pass Hunting! If I have a lot of time on my hands, and it would be fun to go for 1OO passes to join this thing. I've got the bike for it, lord knows. This is definitely a long term project.

Anyways, some fun ideas. Getting a job could throw a lot of this off in terms of prioritization, but we'll see. It helps keep me optimistic as my bank account gets smaller and smaller... berrrhhh...


  1. I would be interested to hear about any rides you do in Gifford Pinchot. I grew up in the area and have done some rides there. It has huge potential for "rough stuff" type rides- there are tons of forest service roads and trails open to bikes in the area. In fact the maze of notoriously badly signed forest service roads will set you up for an epic ride- take a good map and compass!
    My next project is to ride the Chinook trail. My folks have a cabin on the E Fork Lewis River- ride from there to Moulton Falls and hit the trails all the way to Bluff Mountain, try to connect back to FS road 41 and the headwaters of the E Fork and ride forest roads back to the cabin.

    Last year I tried to make a big loop from the upper Lewis River trail to the high divide area but I hit snow and a lot of blowdown. A lot of the trails in the area are poorly maintained.
    Have fun!

  2. Thanks! I've never been in this area, so hopefully getting a little lost isn't a joy kill.

  3. I would like to hear more about your old Schwinn Impact. I have one that I'm trying to fix up into a hybrid that I've been calling "my beautiful monster." You say in this post "more on this later" but have no search on your blog. I want to know more!


      That is the go-over of the final incarnation of that bike. I regretted parting it out and giving it to a frame, but I needed money at the time. But yeah, awesome bike--tires really make it though.