Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cargo Bike Ride | Seattle

Despite riding what I would consider the complete opposite of a cargo bike, I spent the 4th of July in Seattle at the Cargo Bike Ride. It was easy and slow, not surprisingly. Got to work on my tan I guess??? Here are some photos of the cargo bikes. Sorry about the lack of photos, should have been more diligent about that.

This is Max with a tall bike Xtracycle. Some Trek MTB frame with a detachable Colnago frame on the top. This bike lives at Aaron's Bicycle Repair in West Seattle.

I'm a bad photo taker. Front loaded cargo bike with a huge rear trailer. Enough to carry a grill, starter coals, beer, food, and a labradoodle.

Some recumbent speed record monstrosity. The rider as pictured seemed to know a lot about engineering and wasn't afraid to let people know.

Most of the bikes in the ride were Xtracycles: Bridgestone kid carrying Xtracycle with what looks to be a CETMA porteur rack. Probably doesn't have Jan's seal of approval, but I like it anyway. The powder-coated bullmoose bars match the frame nicely.


  1. "It was easy and slow, not surprisingly. Got to work on my tan I guess???"jesus chrisssss
    p.s. where am i!?

  2. Just thought I'd say that I think CETMA racks kinda suck.


  3. Poor triangulation and shitty attachment method?

  4. I know Tanner. Hey Tanner!

    CETMA seems like a good-enough solution to me. Though I've never tried one.