Tuesday, July 5, 2011

Cargo Bike Ride | Seattle

Despite riding what I would consider the complete opposite of a cargo bike, I spent the 4th of July in Seattle at the Cargo Bike Ride. It was easy and slow, not surprisingly. Got to work on my tan I guess??? Here are some photos of the cargo bikes. Sorry about the lack of photos, should have been more diligent about that.

This is Mr. Tanner Hainsworth with Max Shalitmontagne's xtra-cycled Instigator. It wins the dumbest cargo bike award in my opinion with one partially functional out-of-true in-need-of-a-good-bleeding hydraulic disc brake, and small gear ratio due to the front derailer not being set up. It also handles like crap with the Big Dummy fork. Extra set of riser bars because there was no more spacers lying around... To be fair, its a work in progress and more of a cargo bike than what I was riding. But whatever, it gets the job done. Props to Tanner for riding this disaster with a person riding on the back. No offense, Max.

This is Max with a tall bike Xtracycle. Some Trek MTB frame with a detachable Colnago frame on the top. This bike lives at Aaron's Bicycle Repair in West Seattle.

I'm a bad photo taker. Front loaded cargo bike with a huge rear trailer. Enough to carry a grill, starter coals, beer, food, and a labradoodle.

Some recumbent speed record monstrosity. The rider as pictured seemed to know a lot about engineering and wasn't afraid to let people know.

Most of the bikes in the ride were Xtracycles: Bridgestone kid carrying Xtracycle with what looks to be a CETMA porteur rack. Probably doesn't have Jan's seal of approval, but I like it anyway. The powder-coated bullmoose bars match the frame nicely.


  1. "It was easy and slow, not surprisingly. Got to work on my tan I guess???"jesus chrisssss
    p.s. where am i!?

  2. Just thought I'd say that I think CETMA racks kinda suck.


  3. Poor triangulation and shitty attachment method?

  4. I know Tanner. Hey Tanner!

    CETMA seems like a good-enough solution to me. Though I've never tried one.