Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Confusing Math...

So here is a basic equation:

Oats + Water + Banana + Maple Syrup [Grade B] + Peanut Butter + Almond Milk = Awesome.

So based on this simple math, if you add a bunch of great shit together to the right proportions, you get something really super. This however does not translate well into bikes surprisingly. Witness:

Durachi + Centerpulls + Velocity Dyads + Kool Stop MTB pads = Poor brake performance?

I was confused. So I mixed it up a bit:

Dia Compe + Centerpulls + Dyads + MTB pads = Dope Brakage.

Durachi for the lose... I noticed that it had the hooks for the straddle cable closer in than the D Comps, effectively bringing the cable yolk farther up. Maybe this reduction in mechanical advantage is to blame? I was using the same circular anchored straddle cable for both brakes.

Maybe I should just buy campy. Cause if you throw money at a problem, it goes away--riiiight??? Oh wait; hydraulics, of course. And disc brakes too. With big rotors, because bigger is better. Then the lotus will be adequate.

Math is hard, my head hurts.

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