Friday, July 15, 2011

The Buh-huweeymuth and Crash Damageee

Sorry no post in a second, job search plus identity theft concerns... Berph, stories for later. 
I talked earlier about the possibilities of heading out to Gifford Pinchot later this summer for some rough stuff riding. The very privileged question I got to ask myself in this situation much to my glee was 'which bike?' I figure I should talk about the one I keep revisiting.
The obvious problem is that it's too small of a frame for my size, but the stem + seatpost + bars and everything else just make sense. I got the Hookworm tires from a friend which pretty much make the bike great. i was surprised how much clearance it allowed: I was able to get 2.5" knobbie downhiller tires in without too much issue. It's a tight fit though, that's for sure. 
Beyond that the parts are just things that I slowly came across at minimal cost or for free. It's a good conversation piece, that's for sure. 
Put the Lotus on someone's bike rack going up to Seattle earlier this week. This was the sad result:
A little careful cold setting and chasing and its good as new! [well not quite...] Yay forged drops.


  1. I rode part of the Chinook trail last weekend on my hardtail mountain bike. Those trails and roads out there go all over the place forever! I would say 2 to 2.5 inch slicks are the way to go if you anticipate riding on roads, singletrack trails, and everything in between.

  2. Excited to hear! The rain has been fairly on-and-off for this region, is it a similar story down there? I could see that affecting my decision of slick vs. knobbies...