Thursday, July 12, 2012

Post MTBing photos

I forgot to bring my camera along, so I'll you get is the after bike pics.

Max and Gabe's black Surly collection...

Yup I took the Lotus. One and only.

     It was super fun albeit terrifying. Steep head and seat tube angles with minimal rake and short chainstays don't make for a stable bike when climbing and descending fast. Unsurprisingly. The first 15 or so minutes kinda scared the crap out of me because the rear wheel kept jack knifing and the front would unexpected pop wheelies on the accents. No matter how dedicated I was about shifting weight, that thing just didn't want to stay up right. Eventually though I got use to it though and pretty soon I was as comfortable as I would be on my old cyclocross bike. I really want a real deal mountain bike, but secret project may just put that off for the time being.

     Fyi the Pacenti Pari-Motos did surprisingly well even on the most sedimentary of terrain. My rear wheel is only partially thrashed--impressive considering all the roots and giant rocks I rolled over.  Oh yeah also switched to Nitto Jitensha bars. They are sweet for commuting--less so for MTBing.

     Listening to Adele. So good.

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  1. You know stuff like this gives your mother coronaries, right?