Thursday, July 26, 2012

Raleighish Schwinn Cool Guy Bike

This latest project took 6 months to complete for some reason, but I just completed it. So nice. So many kinks along the way. So frusterating. But looks pretty. So pretty.

The bike use to be a typical 10 speed sport touring Schwinn World Sport or something with drop bars and 27" wheels. The owner approached me about doing a basic tune up, and I asked him how much a tune up. Well it eventually evolved into a complete rebirth for the frame, and the results are satisfying. Stuff like this is always exciting to watch happen and develop.

The owner was about to switch from a car to bike for commuting, so that's were most of the inspiration came from. Environmentalist wet dream right there... Anyway, I think in total the parts cost came around to $400ish not including labor and new powder coat. Through a shop it probably would have been more like $800ish, so its crazy to think about how a little know-how and right connections can save you money. 

One thing I came to terms with this build is that I'm a terrible wheel builder despite building over 50 wheels at this point, and that I'm probably happier not being a shop mechanic. I'd probably be good at it since I'm doing so damn well in food service, but it might kill projects like this for me, so it's nice to have a bit of autonomy over such endeavors.

Some of the parts also got stolen while being stored at the Evergreen Bike Shop, but luckily the majorly important part that was thefted (the rear rack) was replaced thanks to a generous donation from Ben C L to the Keep-Chris'-Stress-Level-Down cause.

The original derailer hanger striped out, so I had to use a clamp on variety... A very stressful last minute change. P.S. look at that small ring, wtf. Came stock on the crankset. Oh and Primo Super Tenderizer pedals are pretty sweet. 

The fork was a nightmare to deal with. First, the fork crown race was 26.4 instead of 27.0, unexpected since it was a Tange fork (JIS vs. ISO.) Second, the walls of the steerer were ridiculously thick, making only old school BMX and MTB stems fit. I had to compromise with this POS stem, but it worked fine for the job. Also, the clearance on the front is way less than the back--annoying...

The Sanyo hub and B&M Lumotec Fly+ light are decently bright, considering the price. Sorry, Blogger is doing weird photo orientation stuff that I can't figure out.

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